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100% AGAVE


This is Nombre de Dios Durango, this is México!


Our mezcal is made with 9 to 10 years old agave, wich produces that smooth and lasting taste. The agave grows wild in the mountains of the region, so it does not contain any fertilizers or chemicals. This peculiarity allows the land to retain its nutrients and produces the best quality agave, wich is selected one by one, and the pencas are cooked for six days under ground in a prehispanic oven, using volcanic stone and firewood.  

This handcrafted process  gives the mezcal a delicious, smooth and lasting sweet taste, with an amazing smooky wood aroma that gives the mezcal a great body. 

AGAVE (Durangensis)






People use to say that, “If you drink mezcal, you´ll go to hell”.

Many years ago, having a drink of mezcal was cause for excommunication. When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, they took everything. They took all the gold, the land, the women and even mezcal. They liked mezcal so much that they no longer wanted to drink anything else. The Crown, noticing a decline in the importation of its alcoholic beverages, decided to ban all distillates of the maguey in the New Spain. No one could produce, sell or drink mezcal anymore. Then, the church supported the Crown initiative, threatening to excommunicate the rebels.

The producers, frightened, renounced their crops. Except one, who did not care what the Crown and the Church had to say and continued to cultivate agave where they least thought they would find it; in the desert mountains of Nombre de Dios, Durango, where the plant, grew wild for years, and secretly, he continued to produce mezcal. It would soon become Durango’s best kept secret.

He used only wild agave and the result was simply extraordinary. Everybody told him, “you are going to hell,” to which he always responded, ” I´ll keep drinking mezcal in hell.”

Mezcal Dulce Infierno,

Made by working hands that get up at dawn to give life to an authentic drink.

Made with the best that nature has to offer to those who honor it.

Made for those who like to go against the flow.

I´ll keep drinking mezcal in hell.

Handcrafted Young Mezcal
100% Agave

Social commitment: Use the agave life cycle in a sustainable way.

Place of origin: Nombre de Dios, Durango.

Mezcal Master: Guzman Garay Family.

Vinata: “Fray Pedro Espinareda”.

Tasting notes: Well balanced and mineral flavor with a fresh smoky touch.

Agave: Ashen wild agave (Durangensis).

Agave growth: 9 to 10 years (wild).

Type of kiln: Prehispanic oven.

Grinding: Mallet on canoe deck.

Fermentation: Wood pool with spring water.

Distillation: Two in wooden still (Alembic)

Type of product: Mezcal / Young 100% Agave

Alc Vol:  38°

100% Handcrafted

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