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It is a requirement for access to investment opportunities offered on this site, that you read and accept the following Terms and Conditions that are written below. The use of our services, as well as the signing of the respective investment contract, the application to the various products displayed on this site, will imply that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use in this document.

This site is exclusively for users over the age of eighteen, any registration, use or access to this site by anyone under the age of eighteen years will be considered without authorization and in violation of these Terms and Conditions. It is stipulated that by entering and registering as a user of this site, you guarantee to be over eighteen years of age and agree to all the Terms and Conditions set forth; as well as the acceptance that, in any case of violation of these terms, the Company will proceed to eliminate the user’s account and all data or information provided by it. Likewise, the user accepts that the company is not responsible for the use and elimination of the account directly or of third parties.

The entire catalog of investment opportunities that are offered by our website may be created, charged, sent or presented by a third web page and in such case they would be subject to their own Terms and Conditions. In all cases, to apply for one of these investments, registration by the user will be necessary, with the input of reliable personal data and definition of a password. Likewise, it is stipulated that said investments may not be available throughout the Mexican territory and / or to its particular legislation, as well as in other countries of the world.

The user can choose and change the password for their account administration access at any time, in case it has been registered and that is necessary for the application to any of our investments. The company promoting these investments does not assume responsibility in case the user delivers said key to third parties.

All investments and transactions carried out through this website are subject to a confirmation and verification process, which could include verification of the investment limit and the availability of the same, validation of the payment method , validation of the personal data of the user, physical or digital request for documentation proving the personal data of the user and compliance with the conditions required by the selected means of payment. In some cases verification may be required via email.

The amounts of the investments offered on this Online Site are valid only in the investments promoted on this website.

The services offered on this site are subject to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Notice and all other rules, policies, and subsequent procedures, published by Dulce Infierno Mezcal responsible for updating, in turn, said Policies, procedures and other rules without the obligation to notify the user or request their approval.

The previsualization of the investments exposed in this site, are exclusively informative and estimated according to the corresponding financial calculations. At no time the company is responsible for any changes that may arise at the time of signing the respective contract of such investments. The information contained in this site has been made by the company without any influence or particular reference of any user and potential investors can go to the particular advice of a professional in legal, fiscal or financial matters.

The value of investments, as well as the income from them, can decrease, as well as increase. Past scenarios and investments do not guarantee the same result for future investments. The users and future investors are exclusively responsible for carrying out legal, accounting or any other type of revision that provides them with greater security. The user is responsible for seeking the proper advice in financial and fiscal terms before deciding to apply for the investments promoted on this site.

None of the information provided on this site represents any kind of recommendation, request or offer to acquire or sell goods or securities; or provide external financing options under other instruments for application to the investments arranged on this site.

Our site contains confidential information, which in most cases corresponds to the investments listed on the platform. This information includes technical or informal data. The user accepts that all confidential information must be treated as such, and that it will only be used under the terms set forth in this site and in the areas in which its use is limited. No right or license is granted to use, use or exploit trademarks, logos, notices, trade names, or any other industrial property right of which they are owners.

The user agrees to use this site only for lawful purposes, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions established therein and the terms of the applicable laws, regulations, codes and regulations.

The user can not declare intellectual or exclusive property to any of the investments, brands, logos, advertisements and / or trade names, modified or unmodified. In the event that it is not specified otherwise, the investments are applicable without any type of guarantee, express or implicit. In no case shall this company be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses resulting from the use or inability to apply to our investments.